Moms on the Rocks

Ep 16: Murder & #MeToo

September 27, 2018

Get ready for a wild ride on the Tangent Express! Carrie is looking for a romantic couples getaway for Columbus Day weekend, so Jodie suggests an Ayahuasca retreat. Is Ayahuasca for lovers? We ponder this question which leads to murder cases & a snack break of Fruit Gushers for Carrie. The Jessica Chambers case and jury prejudice get us thinking about Elizabeth Smart's captor being released from prison. But wait, there's MORE! Jodie knew Les Moonves was a Grade A creep just from looking at him, which is why she is on the hunt for tracking devices for her kids. Lastly, Jodie risks ruffling some feathers with her thoughts on Heather McDonald's hypocritical opinion on other women feeling violated by men. Can you really compare your own #MeToo as more significant than others?

You're a badass…don't apologize!

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