Moms on the Rocks

Ep 20: If You Got It, Haunt It

October 26, 2018

The ladies open this week talking about their She-ro of the week. Jodie explains the book **Happiest On the Block.** Jodie talks about her uncle being involved in a fire in the 1950s of a school- that is now said to be haunted as well as a playful ghost in New Orleans named Armand. Carrie talks about her recent brush with Border Wars and Narcos. She also talks about the #2 Tripadvisor suggestion in Cincinnati- a cemetery.

Our Promo Pick This Week (we only pick ones we love) Moms & Murder

Check out probably the closest you will come to Erika Jayne's closet- Poshmark! Carrie and Jodie love to buy all their favorite brands from Kate Spade to Tory Burch. and use promo code Rocks5 for $5 off when you sign up. Big savings you will see.

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